Clay Casting of the Noel Neill/Lois Lane Statue
Artist Gary Ernest Smith Poses
with the Clay Creation
of Noel Neill at
Metal Arts Foundry in Lehi, Utah.

Statue Committee

"Thank You for Your Support"

Hello Superman fans and friends from far and wide!

We just wanted to say that we are very honored and proud to be part of the Noel Neill Statue project. And thrilled indeed to be a part of the campaign to bring to Metropolis a very special tribute to our "First Lady of Metropolis", Miss Noel Neill!

We acomplished so much with the 15 ft. Superman Statue on Superman square more than 15 years ago. And never in our wildest dreams did we ever expect the tremendous response that we got on the "selling of the bricks" at the base of the statue that help form the familiar Superman "S" emblem base of the Superman Statue on Superman Square. Yes, folks from all over the world bought bricks! And the Statue got so much attention from news agencies, newspapers and magazines from every continent. And we've had hundreds of thousands of visitors since 1993 who have stopped in town and taken their picture with this wonderful statue. It has truly been amazing! And it really is what put our fine city of Metropolis Illinois, "Home of Superman" on the map! Even Tom Brokaw has a brick! Hundreds of people were left out after wanting a brick the first time around because we sold out rather quickly after the word actually got out. And back then in 1993 we didn't have the internet in the way that we do now to help market our campaign and get the word out. Now, we are plugged into all of the main Superman websites and we expect the bricks and corporate plaques to sell-out soon.

So now, here is your golden opportunity to finally get your brick which will help pay for the sculpting and the placement of the "Noel Neil/Lois Lane" statue. This statue, which will be approved by Noel and our Statue Committee, will be in close proximity of the existing Superman Statue and will be approximately six feet tall and made of Bronze.

We certainly want to thank the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce and the City of Metropolis for again having faith in our hard work and efforts in getting this Special Statue built and placed where Noel will be honored for her efforts in being a true role model to millions of children from all over the world. Won't you join us in this tremendous truibute? We look forward to seeing YOUR NAME engraved in a brick for the world to see with great pride.


The Noel Neill Statue Committee